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Miami Beauty Area

Effective Cosmetology Therapy


We provide a vast variety of services

At Miami Beauty Area we've made everything for our clients to enjoy themselves.

All our services designed to deliver best possible experience for everyone.



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Olga Litvak
Licensed Cosmetology Therapist

My name is Olga Litvak and I am a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience in offering beauty services to women and men of all ages.


At Miami Beauty Area, our priority is to effectively solve skin issues in a long run, and not just cover them.


We value individual approach and safety in all services that we offer. Let us help you get your skin glowing.


Karina Kapitonova

Brand Identity Developer

"Wonderful cosmetologist!
Very professional and caring job. She is very knowledgeable in cosmetology and she is the best at what she does! Definitely recommend!"

How your skin will look in ten or twenty years, depends on the way you care for it now.


When we age, the skin will start to show signs of that as well.


So make sure to take good care, but also to not use skin care products that might do more bad than good.

You have found someone that can give you good personal advice.


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